We Specialize in supplying Lithium battery systems

which are

smart  sustainable

& fit

For your Battery Energy Storage Systems

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Here at Lithium Battery Solution, we specialize in making top of the line, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries and battery systems. Similarly, we produce revolutionary LiFePO4 batteries and second life battery systems. Above all, our batteries are manufactured with high-tech refurbishing systems. Moreover, we supply batteries recognized for their environmental friendly, reliability and chemical stability.

Sail Away Longer!

Our long-lasting lithium (LiFePO4) batteries fit all types of watercraft. Also they get cruisers, racers and anglers reliable power. Let’s say, it is  for spending more time on the water with their vessels.

Boost Your RV to the Max!

We help RV owners get a trustworthy battery which never hold them back.  in their journey of countless miles or their endless campsites

no matter where you need efficient power – on the golf course, camping, in traffic or on the high seas. you can always trust lithium iron phosphate batteries. again, we deliver robust and reliable performance every time.





To Lithium?


No overheat

No Fire Catch

Assembled thoroughly

Tightly bonded oxygen

Safe Cathode Material

No Corrosion


10 Years of Lifespan

Fast Charging

3x Longer Power Hours

No Maintenance

99% Charging Capacity

Light Weight

we protect Mother Nature

by Second Life Batteries

It is our long term commitment to reduce the human impact on the planet. In the same way we promote sustainable energy solutions to businesses that we can supply with lithium batteries. Of course, Canada is at the beating heart of climate protection activities. Therefore, we, along with our customers, stand together to maintain the environment as the most precious treasure for the next generation.

To do so, Lithium Battery Solution has added new material sourcing logistics. Next, we managed producing second life lithium batteries through a high-tech manufacturing process. In this way, our dependence on raw materials has been reduced. Besides, the lithium battery solution helps save the planet from more emissions and destruction of natural resources.


With the supply of Tesla and Kia batteries, we provide you with more than enough energy resource.  Accordingly we share the benefits of less footprints and sustainability on our planet.


We design LifePo4 batteries to be easily connected together to achieve greater specifications. Also, Lithium Battery Solution supplies a complete range of 12, 24, and 48 voltages for its Lithium Iron Phosphate  batteries .




Our lithium batteries at Lithium Battery Solutions are engineered and manufactured in our Laval, Quebec Canada factory. briefly, with a precise attention to safety, environment and quality details.

Above All, We supply our customers all around the Canada and North America and make sure ‘Made and Designed in Canada’ represent much more than simple geography.

Partner with an International Leader

We know that Lithium Battery Solution can contribute in the success of your business. Certainly, we make it through hard work and humility, talented trained staffs at greatest industry standards. Here, we provide real care and support to our partners and cannot wait to start a new partnership.